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Army Training

Idle villagers are trained in barracks in the presence of sufficient amount of resource, required for the training of the respective unit.

The Barracks have an initial capacity of 50 soldiers and each level increases this number by 50.

Activation of Premium membership increases the capacity of the barracks with 20%.

Units of one type recruited at the same time will get trained simultaneously.

If you run out of barracks vacancies, but you still have free groups, allowed for training by the Military Doctrine level, you will be able to recruit the training groups in a queue. Queued groups will get trained one after another. If you dispose of enough resources and population you can recruit all your remaining free training groups at once, but don’t forget they will still be queued.

Unit upgrade – turning a lower class units into higher class units of the same type if you have the required research levels. You can upgrade light and/or heavy units to elite units of the same type in the fourth tab of each barracks building. You don’t need population for that. The upgrade cost is the difference between the total price of the higher class units and the total price of the lower class units. The training time is the one of the higher class units. Siege engines cannot be upgraded.

After the army units are trained they remain immobilized for 18 hours. During that period you can mobilize them whenever you want. After the 18-hour period has expired, they are automatically mobilized.

Immobilized soldiers will not fight, nor can be destroyed. They also are not seen by the enemy’s spies.