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If you found a province, a colony or a trading post on such terrains, it will give bonus to the whole empire. The bonus is received on condition that the foundation of the object on that terrain is completed. They take up 1 point on the Global map and are located outside the exclusive zone.

Bonuses of the same Special resource type cannot be accumulated. If there are 2 bonuses of the same type, only the bigger one is accounted. The same bonus granted by two different special resource terrains are accumulated.

Example: If you have 2 holdings on rich gold field, you will have 10% gold income bonus. If you have 1 colony on rich wheat field and 1 on rich rice field, you will have 20% farm effect bonus.

Ancient Temple, Sacred Ancient Temple, Horseshoe, Heavy Horseshoe, Yew, Rich Yew Field, Coal, Rich Coal Field, Horses, Heavy Horses, Wool, Rich Wool Field, Cotton and Rich Cotton Field special resources grant alliance armies bonuses, if an alliance member founds a holding on them. Special resource Granite grants a bonus to fortresses in alliance holdings if an alliance member founds a holding on it.