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The vast lands of Imperia Online are shown on the map. All objects (terrains, on which the emperor can establish and develop his holdings) are located on these territories. The measure for square area of the Global map is one point.

Exclusive zone

A space of 36 points on the Global map reserved only to its owner. In the center of the exclusive zone lays the capital of the Empire. It is surrounded by 4 free terrains, which can be annexed peacefully and 4 independent cities which in their turn can be looted, annexed or turned into vassals. The exclusive zone’s borders are visible to other players. However, independent cities cannot be seen from other users, only annexed provinces and vassals are shown.


The first province of the empire. It is located in the center of the exclusive zone and takes 4 points. The terrain beneath it is neutral and gives the following economic and military bonuses:

+100 000 farm capacity bonus

10% resource production bonus

+20 everyday happiness points

+20 happiness limit bonus

30% bonus hit points of the fortress

20% bonus hit points in defense of all military units

+10 bonus morale points in defense

Independent city

In the exclusive zone there are 4 independent cities of different types (one from the first type, two from the second type and one from the third type). They can be annexed, turned into vassals or looted.

First type: this city has a common border with the capital on South-West. The field army consists of 20 light archers and 20 light swordsmen. There is no garrison.

Second type: their location in the exclusive zone and their field army and garrison are randomly generated.

Third type: their location in the exclusive zone and their field army and garrison are randomly generated.

One independent city takes up 1 point of the exclusive zone. It has working economy that produces resources and gold, according to the number of villagers and the fortress level there. Independent cities in the exclusive zone do not have economic bonuses. The maximum quantity of one resource that can be gathered is equal to the fortress capacity divided by four. The independent city can be annexed peacefully or by force.

Independent free terrain

It can be annexed peacefully. There are no buildings, army, nor villagers. The terrains have different bonuses and occupy up to 4 points on the map.