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Protection Modes

Beginner’s protection

An option that can be activated from one task in the Tutorial and is also available for all players under 1000 points from the battle reports. The option expires automatically when the account reaches 1000 net worth points or when 168 hours from the activation have passed. Accounts under beginner protection cannot be attacked. If you send an attack, your Beginner protection will be terminated. This means that other players will be able to attack you. Players in beginner protection appear with baby carriage icon in ranking.

Holiday protection

An option that can be activated by every player but only during holidays previously announced by Imperia Online team and for limited periods determined by Imperia Online. While activated, the account cannot be attacked neither can send attacks. Meanwhile, the account can be accessed, buildings can be constructed, researches can be ordered, army can be recruited etc. All attacks sent to the respective Empire before the activation will still be performed.

Vacation mode

Forbids all attacks towards your empire. If there is an attack that is already sent to your empire, even if you activate the Vacation mode, the attack will be completed. The Vacation mode STOPS all resource production, army upkeep and population growth, and the 168 hour period, as well as the deposit period of loan payment is intermitted until the mode’s deactivation. All constructions and research will continue building. The Vacation mode must be active for at least 24/48 hours (depending on the speed of the realm). To use this service 1700 diamonds are required.

Both, Vacation mode and Holidays protection, can be activated solely if you currently don’t have troops on a mission, except evasion. Please, note that army upkeep will be taken on evasion mission during a vacation mode.

Welcome back protection

The protection which every Emperor, who has got back to his Empire from an absence of at least 2 weeks, receives automatically upon logging into his account. Forbids all attacks to and from the Empire. Strict duration - 48 hours. Totally free.