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Workforce for wood, iron and stone production.

The population pays taxes determined personally by the player.

Rookies, needed for army recruitment.

Population growth

Basic population growth is calculated with the following formula: 1 x current population /1000+50 (1 x means multiplied by the speed of the world). Researching Medicine increases growth by 5% per level. Farm construction decreases the population losses due to shortage of food.

Homeless population appears when there is not enough housing. The growing rate of the homeless citizens is calculated as follows:((population growth + current population) - population limit)/2 and then multiplied by the speed of the realm. It can be recruited for army, but cannot be hired and, thus, doesn’t produce resources. Activating Premium, paid in diamonds, increases population growth by 10%.


Required by all Buildings and some Technologies.

Needed for the training of military units.

Produced by hired population in the lumber mills.


Required for some of the Buildings, Technologies and all military units.

Produced by population hired in the iron mines.


Main resource for building Fortresses.

Needed for some other Buildings and Technologies.

Produced by population hired in stone quarry.


Basic production for 100 civilians: 10 wood / 10 iron / 10 stone.

Empire’s capital has a fixed 10% bonus production for all resources

Production can be enhanced by: Activating Premium, paid in diamonds, increases it by 10%.

Raising Fortress levels – each Fortress level increases production by a certain %. This % can’t be higher than 60%.

Raising Alliance Research Production level (if the player is in an Alliance) – each level grants 2% production bonus for all members.


The currency of the game. It is generated as a tax, exacted from the working population at player’s own discretion. There are 6 different tax rates. Gold is generated from trade and deposits in the bank as well.

Idle Population doesn’t pay taxes. Gold is generated and used in a centralized way, from the treasury, located exclusively in the Empire’s capital, i.e. exacted taxes go directly to the treasury, the same as the required gold for constructions, research or army upkeep is extracted automatically from there without any need for transportation. Gold is also acquired with the construction of imperial routes and trade routes which connect different types of holdings. Income from trade is directly stashed in capital’s treasury. If the treasury has negative gold balance (due to paid army upkeep for example), the player cannot build, research or recruit army until the negative balance is cleared